8 Casino theme party ideas!

This blog offers eight casino theme party ideas that will bring the magic and excitement of the casino to your friends, family, or team members in a fun yet unique way!

Let’s inspire you and get your private or company party started with these casino theme party ideas!

1) Speakeasy is a sure bet. 

The most popular casino party theme is a ‘Speakeasy’ or a ‘Harlem Nights‘ party. Who doesn’t love to be a little notorious now and then? That’s precisely why this theme is always a huge hit! 

Make the location of the party a dark bar or banquet room. Be sure to set up a secret password to enter! Have lots of fun 1920s cocktails, cold beer, and a great jazz playlist! Go light on food and big on entertainment! 

For interactive fun, hire a remarkable sleight of hand magicians with a few casino games such as roulette and blackjack – they’ll fit perfectly with this theme! 

Decor’ is so easy, simple, and rustic; think wooden crates, recycled whiskey bottles, burlap, feathers, pearls, and shades of black or browns with hints of gold. For more inspiration for this casino theme party idea, check out seven sensational tips for a Speakeasy Party.

Speakeasy Party theme

2) 007 Favorite casino theme party idea! 

The new James Bond movie premiered, No Time To Die, and it’s reignited a long-time love and appreciation for our favorite spy. 

Most consider a 007 or James Bond party chic, elegant and classic. It’s refined in luxury – and radiates this to the core. Think black tie, sleek 007 silhouettes, a red carpet with an eye scope backdrop, and everyone dressed to kill. 

Keep the decor simple, and make sure to have plenty of martini glasses for either shaken, not stirred cocktails or delightful desserts. To create the aura that is Bond on a budget, we recommend seven simple, elegant tips for hosting a James Bond party; it’s a spy-tacular read for those DIY guys and gals.

007 Casino Theme Party

3) Viva Las Vegas!

I love Vegas; it is the place that has something for everyone. However, in the middle of a pandemic, travel is a little complicated. If your loved one loves sin city – consider a Viva Las Vegas theme for your special occasion, be it birthday, holiday, or NYE party! 

Book a few casino games, staffed with professional dealers creates the perfect Vegas vibe – add a showgirl or the green fairy and a Las Vegas backdrop with a few oversized dice and viola! You’ve transported everyone to Vegas! Let the games begin, and be sure to have a few simple but fun prizes for your guests!

Casino Theme Party Ideas

4) Monte Carlo night for fundraisers

Nothing brings in the Holiday cheer more than giving, and when we give collectively, it can be monumental. 

Monte Carlo Nights are a sophisticated, elegant way to host a fundraiser for your favorite charity. There are many things to know about hosting a Monte Carlo Night relevant to every jurisdiction; here’s a reference to Pennsylvania’s laws. Check-in with your local municipality to find yours. 

First, find an elegant venue, hire a first-class casino party company to co-host your event, and get lots of in-kind and cash donations to get your Monte Carlo launched. Be sure to give yourself plenty of planning time; it’s essential to raise the most funds! 

Be sure to have craps, roulette, and blackjack, as those three games are a staple of any Monte Carlo Night.

5) Casino Margaritaville is always a winner!

Nothing is more fun than an island-inspired Holiday party! Think outside the box, and bring in a Casino Margaritaville theme with a laid-back Jimmy Buffet style. 

Book a few casino games, maybe blackjack and poker, nothing too complicated. Make sure to get your guest to game ratio perfect so that people are excited to play and the event has lots of energy! 

I’d consider shopping for a beach-themed venue or an indoor pool at a local hotel. Ask your casino party company if they offer a floating roulette or blackjack for everyone to chill and enjoy their favorite game, margarita, and tacos all poolside. 

Add your favorite bartender with a margarita machine, cater in island treats, add a DJ with ‘Carole’oke’ and make sure to have a best Hawaiian shirt contest too! You’d be surprised what creative minds will do!

Margaritaville Casino Theme Party
Floating Roulette Table

6) Gatsby gala

The first thing I ask clients when they contact us to host a 1920’s themed event is ‘what theme?’ There is a substantial difference between a high society glitzy, glamourous Gatsby gala and a dark, mysterious, seedy, shady Speakeasy – or the swinging jazzy Harlem nights party!

For me, Gatsby Galas are refined, elegant, floor-length gowns and full-length tuxedos. It’s red carpet entrances, champagne towers, a jazz quartet with butler passed hors d’oeuvres. 

It’s Royce Royce backdrops for photo opts, lots of glittery gold and white art deco motifs, and don’t forget the never-ending champagne! I’d seek to find an old hotel with historical elements that would bring your Gatsby Gala to life!

Gatsby Gala Photo Booth

7) The Rat Pack – vintage Vegas

When you go with a Vegas theme, you have options. You can go current classic Las Vegas or throw in a unique twist and make it a retro 1960’s Rat Pack-inspired event!

Consider using the Sands or Flamingo casinos for your baseline for decor and venue choices. Think oversized dining booths with formal waiters and lots of cubby holes for privacy because old school Vegas was all about amenity and privacy. Use 1960’s pastels of flamingo pink or turquoise blue for your invites, centerpieces, or linens. Be sure to add a showgirl or two – because this theme demands gorgeous gals as props everywhere! 

Hire a photographer, and have them wear an old fedora to give that ‘press’ vibe for everyone’s pre-dinner photos! Be sure to have a live show of some sort running consecutively with the casino games after dinner! Maybe a few fire performers, samba dancers, and or a great jazz band!

Most importantly – check everyone’s coat and cell phone at the door because we didn’t use them in 1960!

8) Let’s glow!

This party is one of my favorites of all of the casino party theme ideas! Glow parties are smoking hot right now, and casino companies around the world have jumped on board! 

Many great casino party companies offer casino gaming tables with LED lighting, which gives them the ‘glow effect.’ My friend Jody Sauer Grabowski, of Vegas to U casino parties in Goodyear AZ, has this collection of glowing casino tables that will make your party go BOOM! I love this effect and have already picked her brain so I can mirror her glowing-genius idea! 

Make sure to plan your party in a dark setting, add blacklights for the best glow effect, and blacklight uplighting if possible. Make the room glow more with glowstick-filled balloons, and glow tape for your walkways and bar area! 

Casino theme glow party
Glow Craps Table
Glow Casino Tables

Whichever casino theme party idea inspires you – remember planning is key to a successful event! Start early, plan well, expect things to go wrong – especially in our current era, and don’t sweat it if it does! Parties are about people connecting and celebrating life – embrace this to ensure an unforgettable event…so that everybody wins! 

-Dawn Takacs, President of Elite Casino Events