Destination unknown with green screen photo booths!

We all know how exciting and engaging a photo booth can be to your party. Adding a green screen to your photo booth can open your event to a whole new world! With a green screen, anything is possible, from the sands of Egypt to the Milky way; you can transport your guests anywhere in seconds!

Let’s talk about what you can do with a green screen photo booth to liven up your party and create a truly unique experience for your guests!

Around the world in one night!

For the traveler in us all, why not take a trip to the Alps, maybe even Australia or London? We had the pleasure of servicing Julia for her Bat Mitzvah, where her theme was “Around the World.” Julia liked to travel with her family, so we picked some of her favorite places and placed travel stamps over each photo to give it a cute personal touch!

Green Screen Photo Booth Costa Rica
Green Screen Photo Booth Jamaica

Immersed in a cartoon

Who doesn’t want to be in front of fun characters or a spooky haunted house?! While other pictures might make it look like your guests are in the background, cartoon-style backgrounds will not. However, having some cartoon-type images will liven any event! This green screen photo booth option is very popular with both kids and adults for any party theme!

Cartoon image via mirror photo booth

No betting limit

Rack it up! Here at Elite, we specialize in casino-themed parties. Casino parties give us a bunch of different sub-categories to work with, James Bond, Las Vegas, Gatsby, etc.

With the green screen photo booth, we have been able to put people in front of some of the most well-known casinos and even on the strip in Las Vegas! 

If you’re planning on hosting a casino party, adding a photo booth with a green screen would be a great add-on to consider! The options are limitless, Bond eye scope, a 1920’s speakeasy, an art deco hotel, or even the famous Las Vegas sign!

Green Screen Downtown Las Vegas
Las Vegas Strip with Green Screen

To infinity and beyond!

I think we all have wanted to travel to space at one point or another. With a green screen photo booth, you can do just that! What is excellent about having space-themed backgrounds is the number of options you have.

  • Stars
  • Galaxies
  • Planets
  • Space Stations
  • Aliens
  • Planets

Imagine a sweet 16 party where everyone wears alien antennas or metallic clothing!

Green Screen Photo Booth Planet
Green Screen Photo Booth Space

Celebrate holidays in style

From a haunted house for Halloween to Santa’s workshop for Christmas, liven up your holiday party with a green screen photo booth! The most popular time for our green screen is during the holidays.

Guests love our selection of festive-themed digital backdrops. What is so fun about Christmas time is you can play around with a combination of cartoon and realistic images. Guests can stay warm by the cozy fire or get chilly out by the igloo. Pair any of these backgrounds with some fun Christmas emojis, and you have a killer souvenir for your guests!

Get wild

Take your guests on a safari or to the jungle to see all the beautiful wildlife! With the right images, you can have your guests standing right in front of some of the world’s most beautiful animals. We even placed some of our guests underwater!

We had the opportunity to participate in an event hosted at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Of course, we had to bust out the green screen for it! The guests loved posing underwater, in front of tigers and beautiful waterfalls! The backdrops were able to play up just how wild their event was! With a green screen photo booth, the possibilities are truly endless!

Green Screen Photo Booth

Charity fundraiser ideas!

charity fundraiser is a perfect time to utilize a green screen photo booth. Not only can you use different backgrounds to show off your theme, but you can also use this as an opportunity to highlight what charity you are here to celebrate.

We utilized a green screen with Queen of Angels Catholic School’s Casino Night. Their theme was “A Night at the Races,” so we went wild with several race track images and included a background picture of the Vatican too! The guests loved flipping through all the different background options! They were also able to show off their photo booth sponsor easily, with their logo placed in the bottom corner of every photo.

Green Screen Photo Booth Rome
Green Screen Photo Booth Race Track

The magic of creative minds & the green screen photo booth

We had our green screen photo booth at a graduation party. The kids collaborated the entire event with the extra green material we provided because, with a green screen, anything green will become transparent. So they spent most of the night utilizing the swath of green to eliminate body parts and make floating heads!

The party roared with laughter, and we enjoyed watching them be super creative! This effect can elevate the fun at your party! Think about a ‘Green party’ for St. Paddy’s day, and everyone dressed in green becomes invisible!

Green Screen Photo Booth
Green screen ghost affect
The kids made their parents disappear!
Ghost of Christmas Past

Green screen photo booths make it easy & unforgettable! 

Choosing a backdrop can be difficult; you don’t have to choose just one background with a green screen photo booth! With a few swipes right and our green screen photo booth, your guests can visit Las Vegas, go through again, and be in a rainforest! It’s a perfect choice for any private, corporate, or charity event and an incredible amenity for any party!