Why a James Bond Party?

The James Bond Party is undeniably the most popular theme for any casino event. While there are a million reasons why, I guess everyone has a fascination for our favorite MI-6 agent. Bond enchants us all, and why wouldn’t he? He’s rocking that devilish charm, good looks, savvy smarts, and he is always the gallant knight. Men want to be like him, and women adore him. I think there’s a little ‘I want to be Bond fantasy‘ in all of us. That makes the ‘James Bond party theme‘ perfect for everyone and any occasion. Here are seven tips that will make your party – spy-on spectacular!

Get their attention

Your party invitation is the best way to set the mood and intrigue for your Bond event. Make your party invitation sophisticated, suave, and edgy – like James. The just-right invite demands attention, so be sure to make it powerful by including a few 007 movie names, Bond clichés, or images of things James loved will work well!

You could even have a spy-worthy RSVP plan! Maybe have a secret number or code for attendees to send via social or MMS! Be sure to add in an intriguing James Bond hashtag for all those parties’ selfies so everyone can share and tag each other event day!

James Bond Party / Customized Invitations

Create the aura of Bond. 

Brake away from creating a playlist of ‘Bond’ movie themes and try something different for cocktail hour? Consider hiring a professional violinist or guitarist to play a cover melody of Bond music during your reception hour. Live string music during your event is an elegant, sophisticated touch that will create the aura of Bond.

On a tight budget? Then make a video playlist of Bond music by different artists. Play the video playlist on a big screen with the music piped in for surround sound. Watch this video of a talented artist named Jun Sung Ahn for some 007 video-playlist inspiration!

Be Playful like James

James Bond loved to gamble. So be sure to add some casino games to your event, but what games should you add? Ok, so we know that baccarat and craps are notably his two favorite games; in Casino Royale (2006), James played high-stakes Texas Hold’em poker. So it’s a certainty that both baccarat and craps are notably his games of choice. Both games with good reason too. Baccarat (like James) is elegant, refined, and sophisticated, and craps (again, just like James) are exhilarating and always keep you on the edge of your seat!

So make your party Casino Royale worthy by choosing both baccarat and craps, and make it current by adding Texas Hold’em poker. It wouldn’t be a James Bond party without at least a few of them!

James Bond Party - 007 Playing Craps with 'Plenty' in Diamonds Are Forever

The grand entrance

Brand the event’s look with a ‘007 Bond’ or a ‘Bond Girl’ standee, available exclusively by Elite Casino Events. This freestanding 7″ standee is easy to mount and display anywhere. It has a powerful impact on any entrance and truly sets the mood for the 007 themes. We use these displays along the sidelines of the red carpet runway, sometimes with a spotlight on each image to highlight them.

There are also 3 Aces as ‘Bond Girls‘ in this collection by Elite Casino Events. We also have the ‘Ace of Clubs’, ‘Ace of Spades’ and of course the ‘Ace of Hearts.’ James wouldn’t be Bond unless women surround him, now would he? Rent 1 standee, or the entire collection of 4. 

Also, if you need some inspiration for a stunning entrance, read my blog about the James Bond Soiree in Pittsburgh! This event was to-die-for! The fashion show, the dancers, the showgirls, the decor, and our signature touch – the mirror photo booth with 007 art! It was the hottest Casino Royale Party ever! 

James Bond Party 7" Freestanding Display by Elite Casino Events

Easy James Bond party decor

Create a bold statement piece. Use freestanding cardboard letters, or numbers, (any size), craft sticks, glue gun, spray paint, and glitter. First glue the letters/numbers together, then glue the craft sticks between them to reinforce and strengthen the design.

Next, paint and then glitter to make a freestanding ‘007’ or ‘BOND’ work of art! Both designs are simple, inexpensive, and easy to make – less than $10 each! You can find all of these craft items at a craft store near you!

James Bond Party Decor

Shaken, not stirred.

Here’s another affordable and easy idea! Buy oversized martini glasses, place a 3″ LED light in the bottom of the glass, add colored glass gems and then top it off with a few extra-large red dice. Boom! – you’ve got a classy yet affordable Bond décor centerpiece. I created this one for just under $35.00.

  1. 10″ Martini Glass
  2. LED bulbs or candle 
  3. Glass Gems  
  4. 2″ red casino dice 

These 2″ acrylic dice used to be common but now are very hard to find. Consider making your dice with 2″ wooden blocks and glitter paper! All found via Amazon or a craft store! 

We’ve also loved this easy idea if you have any graphic skills! Use your favorite Bond movie images and overlay a playing card motif! Laminate, crop, and use as decor in your James Bond party centerpieces! 

James Bond Party Decor / Martini Glass & Dice
James Bond Party Decor
James Bond Party Decor

Your bet James

Here’s an easy project that is perfect for your 007 party. Mount oversized playing cards to poster board with a glue gun. It’s easy to do and under $20 for a set of 5 cards. It’s great 007-themed decor or to use as fun photo props!

Casino Party Decor
James Bond Party Aces Collection

Bond Girls

Elite Casino Events offers oversized ‘Bond Girl’ free-standing cards. Each one can be rented for an authentic Casino Royale look! This image shows all 4 combined. However each spy/girl card is individual and is 36″ x 24″, and each is mounted to foam board. The collection rents for $85 per set. Keep in mind we also rent the 7″ standees of these same images!

All of these James Bond party decorations can be rented from Elite Casino Events. You can also create your own using our easy instructions! Visit our Pinterest page because we have plenty more James Bond party décor and event designs just waiting for you! Here’s hoping you’ve found some inspiration and money-saving ideas here – so that…Everybody Wins!