The Sensational Speakeasy Theme

Everyone loves a Speakeasy theme party, and it’s perfect for any event! We’re all fascinated by an era when people did a lot of what they ‘weren’t supposed to do,’ and less of what they ‘were supposed to do.’ This prohibition era was one of playfulness, and it helped us discover ourselves. We showed the world that freedom, meant being free spirited! Our 1920’s society said clearly ‘we don’t care what you think – we’re going to drink all night long and dance on the tablesand if you don’t like it, oh well.’ That reckless abandon is irresistible, charming, and deep down inside, we all secretly wish for such liberation from our daily lives. A Speakeasy party takes us there, in the most delightful ways.

Pick The Style – Sophisticated or Shady?

There are two different choices when planning a Speakeasy party. It’s a good idea to get a clear perspective on which one you want; before you start shopping! The notorious ‘Speakeasy’ is playful, mysterious and intriguing; think prohibition, bootleggers, illegal gambling, hot jazz/swing, whiskey barrels and tons of gangster-flapper style fun! Next up, the ‘Gatsby’ inspired party is refined, elegant, high-society, glitzy and glamorous – perfect for any gala. Either can be a fabulous theme choice, but today, I’d like to help you plan the shady-seedy Speakeasy theme. But I promise to write a blog for the elitist styled Gatsby party, very soon!

Décor – Make It Prohibition Perfect.

Whether your party is at your home, or in a historical building or hotel, there are a few fun and easy décor ideas to make it Speakeasy SIN-Sational!

Easy Decor

Old crates layered with burlap and old whiskey bottles, (painted or unpainted), is a great 1920’s décor idea! Think painted wine or whiskey bottles touched with glitter, dangle them with pearls and then add a few feathers with candles, and you’ve just create the perfect money saving centerpieces for your Speakeasy theme party!

Speakeasy Decor

Personalize It

Make an art deco sign for your Speakeasy. We made this one super cheap! Using a glue gun, black poster board, an image of a whiskey barrel, glitter paper and letters, tiny Christmas lights and hanging wire. Voila’ – a personalized Speakeasy sign!

Speakeasy Ideas

Make Something Original

We greeted Ray at the door of his surprise birthday party with this display! Ray’s wife got him a ‘Zoot Suit’, matching fedora, spats and we put it all on display on this vintage valet!

It read – ‘Get Dressed, Get a Drink and Let’s Get This Party Started!’

Creative Speakeasy Signs

Time Travel is Required. 

Boom! – Travel your guests back in time to 1920! This vinyl backdrop of a vintage 1920’s car on a busy city street creates the perfect Speakeasy photo booth! It comes complete with our 8’ x 10’ vinyl backdrop, plenty of red carpet, stanchions and rope, tons of themed photo props and our talented photographer!

Speakeasy Gang!
Speakeasy Inspired Playing Cards

Show Your Aces!

Consider also adding some oversized dice with our (4), 36 x 24” Speakeasy inspired playing cards! Pre-mounted to poster board they can be displayed anywhere! The oversized dice and cards rents individually, or as a collection.

Watch this video for one last fabulous idea for your Speakeasy party! Elite offers this collection of (4) 7’ freestanding displays that are Speakeasy inspired. Each one is a playing card, (images show left), one ace of every suit in the deck. The ace of diamonds is a gangster in black, white and gold; and the other 3 suited aces are stylish flapper girls. Rent the entire collection of all four aces; or rent each 7’ display individually.

Bring on the DDG…Drinking, Dancing & Gambling!

We know that any prohibition party must have booze, so browse Pinterest to find them a few fabulous concoctions for your party! But don’t forget the gaming tables! Because underground gambling was a huge part of the 1920’s culture, be sure to let your guests be naughty and let them play! (Remember – playfulness!) Contact a local casino party vendor to price renting a few casino games to make your Speakeasy party 1920s authentic. To be true to the era – craps, roulette, and a few blackjacks would be the right Speakeasy mix. For some smart tips on hiring a casino party vendor read corporate holiday casino party.

Got Swing?

Music is a major part of this party theme. To make your party Speakeasy spiffy, essentially you have two choices; either hire a jazz band that can play that 1920’s sound – or create a 1920’s playlist. If you’re on a budget – check out this album I found on Spotify titled Speakeasy Music of the 1920’s’, and it is just perfect for any Speakeasy party! It has over 100 songs, that’s plenty of 1920’s sound! It has some seriously spicy tracks on it! Listen to ‘Me & My Gin’ –  by Bessie Smith, it’s my new favorite!

Don’t forget to add ‘A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody’ by Fergie to your playlist! 

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope that you found some helpful tips for your party décor and atmosphere. Need help with your 1920’s costume? Be sure to read this blog, 1920’s Costuming |12 Easy, Inexpensive Style Tips!’, it’s perfect for those on a budget! To find even more inspiration and fun ideas, check out our Pinterest, and YouTube Channel.  Remember, we’re here to help you plan an unforgettable theme party, so that…Everybody Wins!