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Perfect event decor for your theme!

So you’ve decided to have a casino night party! Good choice. Next, you should choose a theme and your event decor! What party theme inspires you? Do you want to host a classic casino night, the 1920s a 007 party theme? Whichever party theme you choose, Elite Casino Events has plenty of event decor options to save you both time and money!

The 1920s trend!

Let’s begin with my favorite – trending hot for 2022! Speakeasy and Great Gatsby theme parties will all be the rage in 2022! Need a little 1920s event decor for your party?

Flapper Girl 7' Standee

Ace it!

The 1920s Aces Collection – these 7-foot standees represent each ‘ace’ in a single deck of playing cards. 

The gangster guy is the ace of diamonds, and there are three flapper gals, one on each card suit – heart, club, and spades.

The rate includes delivery and set up of this collection making your party look 1920s swanky! 

Event Decor'

Aces collection

This Aces Collection is also available with a 20×8′ pillowcase framed backdrop and 24×36″ 1920s cards to be used as event decor anywhere! If you want something more 1920s art deco, try our 5×7′ or 8×8′ pillowcase backdrop! The 1920s art deco-framed backdrop is perfect for your red carpet entrance! 

20x8' Aces Backdrop
Event Decor
Art Deco 5x7' Backdrop
Event Decor


The 1920s – our gold-trimmed 5″ champagne glasses make gorgeous centerpieces. They are delivered and filled with champagne bubbles and floating candles. The event team will stack them carefully to create your 1920s champagne tower centerpiece! 

Elite’s 10″ oversized martinis are perfect for any party theme. Our team will add beads or gems and LED bulbs with our 2″ acrylic dice for grand classic casino, the 1920s, or 007 event decor centerpieces. 

Event Decor
Event Decor

Event decorations 007

You’re so smart to choose everyone’s favorite theme! Everyone loves James Bond! Our famous spy adds grace, elegance, style, and little mystery to any event! We’ve got some spectacular event decor items you can rent that will make your event breathtaking.

Event Decor
Event Decor
007 Event Decor

Casino Royale – Aces Collection 

Our Casino Royale – Aces Collection of 4 seven-foot standees is a perfect entryway statement. The collection is four standees total, one of 007 himself and three of his lovely ladies. Add a little mystery to the set with some colored uplighting. To complement smaller settings, we have this collection in 24×36″ 007-PVC cards. 

Event Decor | 7' Bond Girl Standee
James Bond 7' Standee
Event Decor
Event Decor
Event Decor

Great entryways!

Every casino theme party needs some fun event decor! Nothing is more impactful than our 24″ cubed casino dice! Use them as a dynamic look for the entryway or an oversized prop for pictures!

Available in two colors, as shown white dots on red or black dice, our oversized casino dice are 24″ cubed, lightweight, and easy to handle. Created exclusively by Elite, they are stackable and can go as high as you’d like! 

Event Decor

Playing card event decor 

This standard deck of cards is sized 24×36.” The set includes a royal flush in the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace spades! These are perfect to match our oversized dice and work as a fun photo booth prop! 

Are you hosting a Casino Royale Gala? Check out our 3×5″ deck of James Bond movie scene cards! The collection is 24 cards to be used for accenting event decor anywhere!


Event Decor

Premium pillowcase backdrops

These four premium double-sided backdrops are exclusive to Elite Casino Events! Each pillowcase backdrop measures 8’x8′, slips right on the frame, and zips to close. 

Our 007 James Bond set features a sleek black and white eye-scope design. Another 007 inspired backdrop named Diamonds Are Forever is a silver gem motif that illuminates shades of silver and rainbows. 

Elite’s casino backdrop collection offers a black backdrop with bright neons and elements – Casino Night. The long-time favorite is our Las Vegas Strip backdrop designThese backdrops add great event decor and photo opt fun for everyone! Pair it with red carpet and stanchions for a grand entry! 

Event Decor
Event Decor
Event Decor
Event Decor

Carpet & photo settings!  

Elite specializes in making the entrances grand with red, white, silver, or pink carpet and matching stanchions! We can roll out the carpet to coordinate with any color scheme! 

Gold Sequin Backdrop
Flip sequin backdrop

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