DJ Cake says it’s not a party without Cake!

DJ Cake is one of our favorite DJs that’s been collaborating and working events with us in Pittsburgh since 2017. We first hired her to do our corporate party in One PPG for the 4th of July. At this private party for Elite Casino Events, we experienced her DJ style, expertise, and professionalism first hand. She’s undoubtedly the triple threat. 

You see, we’ve been hosting parties in the city of Pittsburgh for nearly ten years. We’ve hired, seen, and heard (sometimes painfully) hundreds of DJs in the city for many years. While there are many talented DJs in our town, few I would classify as top-notch – DJ Cake fits that bill.

DJ Cake’s style

Jamie, or (DJ Cake’s) style is super relaxed, nonchalant, and chill. She can naturally amp up the ballroom or dance floor and make it electric with sound, lights, and her killer skills. Her DJ style is elegant and infectious. She elevates the crowd at any party – I’ve seen this first-hand many times.

I think her chic, cool-hand style makes people adore her and want more of her. When she performs at your event, she does what most do not – she empties her tank. She runs the extra mile – always the first to arrive, last to leave, rocks the party, and then asks what more she can do? In a world of people wanting to be paid for doing less, she’s a delightful contradiction. 

She realizes that the party, be it at the casino, a pub, or banquet hall, is not about her – but the guest of honor. She speaks on the mic when needed but doesn’t ramble on unnecessarily, as many DJs will do. Additionally, her sound level is always on-point perfect – nothing is more annoying than DJs that feel they need to overpower the event with over-amplified sound. 

Jamie AKA DJ Cake
Female DJ's of Pittsburgh

DJ Cake’s expertise

DJ Cake has a long list of high-profile corporate clients and has been the resident DJ for Pittsburgh and Las Vegas casinos. I’m sure the casinos get her unmistakable swag too. She’s worked weddings, bars, pubs, and many corporate events for us too. 

Her equipment is first class, modern and trendy. She brings turntables and vinyl to spin and blend the sound. Watching her do this is like watching a painter create a live canvas. It’s intriguing and beautiful. Guests love how she makes the magic when she blends the sounds – it’s the highlight of any party with DJ Cake. 

As a vested DJ in Pittsburgh, she’s in tune with the locals and knows their nuances and go-to play anthems. However, she is excellent at surprising them with something new to ignite them! DJ Cake knows all genres of music well and often surprises me with her vast knowledge. 

She is a Pro

As I mentioned earlier, she has all the skill set to DJ your party – but unlike so many DJs on the market, she is a pro. She opens a dialog with you, communicating via email, text, or phone, whichever you prefer pre-event, making sure to get the vibe you want for your party—never assuming anything, and verifying when in doubt. I like that. 

She’s always early to arrive, ensuring that load in and set up is complete and the soundcheck is pitch-perfect. She’s always dressed appropriately, be in a full-length gown for a 007 party or a costumed character for Halloween! As an event planner, I appreciate not having to remind her what to wear and, more importantly – what not to wear! 

As a DJ for fundraisers, she offers suggestions and ideas to help and is passionate about the organization’s cause and goals. Her charm makes it easy for her to engage with your guests, representing you well throughout the event. While we have yet to work with her for weddings, I am sure her heart would do the same for loving couples. 

Cake @ Corporate Event
Cake is Pittsburgh favorite!

Finding a great DJ in Pittsburgh

There are plenty of DJs in the city of Pittsburgh. Many local pubs, bars, and wedding favorites. As an event planner and event manager with more than ten years doing parties in the Burgh’, DJ Cake is second to none. As I said earlier, she is a triple threat, relatable, reliable, and an expert in her field. DJ Cake is undoubtedly one of Pittsburgh’s finest. 

Please enjoy these party picks by DJ Cake!

Remember, it’s not a party without ‘Cake!’ You can learn more about her by following her on Instagram or going to her website. Be sure to let her know that Elite Casino Events sent you – because we are her biggest fans! 

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