Mirror Photo Booth

How do I add excitement and energy to my party? Every host/hostess asks this question whether it’s a private party, wedding reception, corporate event, sweet 16 or child’s birthday. They all have the same goal – they want to host a 5-star party. One that is full of joy and laughter and creates a fabulous and unique experience for their guests. The mirror photo booth does this magically!


The mirror photo booth is a modern-day twist on an old favorite! The photo booth combines technology with people, thus creating a unique interactive experience for everyone! The concept is a full-length mirror, with an animated touch screen that your guests can use just as they would any touchscreen device. With this photo booth they can strike a pose, take 3/4 pictures and then they can edit, sign, draw and add emoji stamps to create their own masterpiece! Party-goers can also make short videos, and play interactive games with each other! The mirror’s interface easily gets your guests engaged with each other!

What’s included:

  • The interactive mirror photo booth
  • Table of fun themed photo props
  • Unlimited prints (various sizes available)
  • Pre-event selection of customized print designs
  • Real red carpet for that VIP look complete with stanchions & ropes
  • Your choice of one of our many backdrops (custom designs available, rates apply)
  • Touchscreen games, neon signature/drawing, emoji stamping
  • Social media, text, email sharing station
  • Digital files on a USB drive for your keepsake
  • Helpful & outgoing attendants

This photo booth is much more than a place to take photos!

Pump it up! The mirror photo booth offers amazing add-on features such as corporate branding using logos for animation, prints, and a custom photo backdrop. For private parties, you can create a special animated design for the ‘bride & groom’ for their wedding or a sentimental message for your daughter’s sweet 16. Whatever the celebration, the mirror, photo backdrop, and prints can be personalized and branded for your special event. Available to everyone, special rates can apply.

Drop the props!

For a college event, adult or child party consider adding our talented face/body painter to add that extra wow for everyone to enjoy! Even though there will be plenty of props; a face painter can help everyone find their inner superhero, fairy princess or favorite villain! Another a la carte service, special rates apply.

Add a character and make it memorable for kids of all ages!

For your Holiday, costume, or children’s parties consider adding one of our themed characters! Why not add a showgirl to your casino night party? Or maybe a fairy princess, or a superhero to your child’s celebration? You could also ask Santa himself to join your corporate Holiday party! The enchantment is endless when you add a theme character with this photo booth. To book a talented character for your party, just give us a call because we have a direct line to the North Pole!

Fly me to the moon!

GO GREEN – Not quite sure what photo backdrop you want your event? That’s not a problem with our ‘Green Screen’ feature we can create a fun engaging experience that puts your guests with anyone, anywhere in the world – or even out of this world! Contact us for pre-event art design and green screen rental rates.

Make it picture perfect!

Choose the perfect backdrop for your party, or let us create something special for you!

A Photo Booth for Today

Most of us have been to a party that has your typical pipe & drape-style photo booth. If you’re on a tight budget, then that one might be the right choice for you. However, for just a bit more you can rent this sleek, modern device that is so much more than a photo booth! People line up to engage with the mirror because it’s unique, fun, and tremendously interactive. If you want an extraordinary experience for your guests – then the mirror photo booth is perfect for you! This state-of-the-art photo booth brings technology and creativity together, thus, creating engagement – and that’s always a hit at any party! – Everybody Wins.

You may request a quote here, or call for more info! 412-292-7638