Glow party 8-tips to make yours epic!  

The glow party is the perfect party theme for kids of all ages! Our event planners have eight easy tips to help make your event epic! These tips will inspire you with fun and easy ideas for your glow party for kids, teens, or any adult celebration! Everyone loves this theme, and it’s smoking hot for spring or summer 2022! 

1) Choosing an amazing venue that will glow!

First, the glow party theme requires the perfect venue. You must have the ability to control the venue’s internal lights – without them out; you may not be able to execute this theme! So be sure to ask about the lighting and if you can control all of it! 

We hosted several ‘glow parties during the holidays,’ and my favorite one was at the Carnegie Science Center at the PointView Hall. The room has a dance floor and ceiling-to-floor windows with a balcony overlooking the rivers with a magnificent view of Pittsburgh! The patio is outlined with LED lighting in an aqua blue creating the perfect accent for our glow party theme! 

Here’s a list of my top favorite places for parties in Pittsburgh to shop other great venues! 

2) Your glow party must have!

Every glow party needs entertainment. You’ve got two things that will work well in this theme – photo booths and dancing! Be sure to find a high-energy DJ, like our own DJ Cake, who can amp up the crowd and get the dance floor ignited! 

We ran led-lights around the DJ booth for the glowing touch. Then designers added several 80 and 100 Watt UV black lights as up lights around the room. Our team also made sure to add many interactive glowing elements to get people engaged! 

DJ Cake Glow Party

3) Let them GLOW interactive!

Our event team added a few elements around the room that we found on Amazon for extra engagement! The favorite by far was the led hula-hoops! People hooped and danced with them throughout the night! Another big hit was the LED beach balls! We laid them on the floor for ambient lighting, and the guests ended up playing volleyball with them! 

Our team took 1″ PVC pipe cut it 6ft for limbo pole. Then adorned it with 8″ glow sticks with a hot glue gun! Our design team also added some fun wearable glow items, such as LED light glasses, glowing ears, and glow stick foam wands!  Everyone grabbed them up quickly, and they wore them all night! 

Glow Party Limbo

In this video from the party at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, guests glowed all night! 

4) Glow bright like a diamond with a photo booth! 

Every glow party needs the ‘wow’ factor! Our touchscreen, full-length mirror photo booth permits guests to snap a shot and embellish their image with their favorite emoji! For this party, our designers added neon emojis of angel wings, devils horns, cocktails, hats, mustaches, and of course, elements specific to the client. Guests enjoyed adding neon emojis to their photos! 

Our set designers created the perfect glow party backdrop with a mystic purple brick wall. The set background intensified with a few 30-watt black lights to amp up the purple. The neon cover for the photo booth also lit up purple with a black light. Designers added a few glow party prop signs to a table full of neon or twinkle-lighted props too! 

Glow Party Emojis
Glow Party Emojis
Glow Party Signs
Glow Party Photo Booth

5) Trim your party to glow!

Add the final touch with an inexpensive item we discovered when shopping! We purchased these tiny LED bulbs from amazon that blink in red, blue, purple, white, and shades of green. They’re only about $14 per 100 pieces! Our set designers used them on everything! 

With soap pumps from Ikea, we made hand sanitizing pumps throughout the room that glowed all night! It was perfect because everyone could see the sanitizers, and they used them! We also used these tiny LED bulbs in centerpieces, food stations, coffee service, and the bar! For under $15, we had the entire room glowing all night long! 

6) Make glow party drinks glow! 

What’s a glow party without drinks that glow? This one is easy and fun! 

The best value we found was these washable, reusable BPA-free 9oz neon plastic cups – 50 to a pack! For adult parties, you can also add a few glowing shot glasses! A bit more pricey were these liquid-activated super cool rock glasses

Whatever your party occasion, bat or bar mitzvah, birthday, prom, after prom, school dance, sweet 16, holiday, or office fun, these led lit neon cups and glasses are a sure hit while everyone is getting lit! 

7) Dress up and glow!

I was surprised by the way people incorporated this one. Most people came in the ‘little black dress’ or the ‘suit & tie.’ However, most found a creative way to add a little glow to their outfits. 

Some used neon face paint to add a touch of glow; others chose a white neon accessory item – belt, scarf, headband, or tie/pocket square. All came dressed to kill, and you would have never known the glow party theme! Everyone dressed elegantly and only highlighted themselves with a bit of glow! It was both fashionable and fun! 

LED Gaming Tables
LED Fiberoptic Whip
LED Gaming Tables

8) Other glowing tips!

We did a ‘Holiday’ glow theme party for another party in Gettysburg! This party plan includes 3 LED casino gaming tables and some LED fun props for everyone to wear and enjoy! The favorite for the girls was the LED whip!

We trimmed the gaming tables with LED lights and accented the roulette wheel and table bankrolls to ensure the games glowed all night! Then we popped a few bulbs on the food buffet and the bar. Next, we added our glowing hand sanitizers or glowing high-top vases topped off with a little fake snow/ice for that perfect Holiday touch. 


Lastly, we used my go-to LED bulbs to make dynamic centerpieces with 10″ oversized martini glasses. We added fake ice/snow and topped each with a pair of 2″ casino dice! Viola – the glow theme party was epic, and we mastered this theme for future events! 

This theme is a great choice for any party, and for all ages! It brings out the kid in all of us! –  everybody wins!

DT – Dawn Takacs President Elite Casino Events

Glow Martini Centerpieces