Are you getting ready to celebrate and party in Pittsburgh? The city of bridges awaits you, with an incredible history, great people, and endless fun. This guide will help you plan the most unforgettable party in Pittsburgh in the perfect place! 

1. ) Party in Pittsburgh in Iconic Style

It’s time to transport your guests to the past for a unique, history-rooted experience—the Senator John Heinz History Center, dedicated to uplifting western Pennsylvania’s history.  It’s a fabulous Pittsburgh party destination because The History Center finds a home in a one-hundred-year-old building. This building once housed the Chautauqua Lake Ice Company. 

Book The Heinz History Center’s Great Hall to experience Pittsburgh through the decades. The Great Hall has an antique trolley, antique fire engine, and more marvels from the past on display.  If the 4th floor Campbell Gallery is the perfect place to host a party themed to one of Pittsburgh’s most famous. Welcome guests to the neighborhood for a Mr. Rogers celebration.

The 4th Campbell Gallery has access to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’s TV set. This gallery makes this rental the ultimate Mr. Rogers’ party backdrop. Up the party spirit with a photo booth for the most fun at your Mr. Rogers’ bash. Props for a great photoshoot could include everyone’s favorite puppet co-stars.

Rent one of Heinz’s History Center’s venues by contacting their rent team on their events page

2.) Be Infamous & Party in Pittsburgh

Born Andy Warhola, the influential Andy Warhol is native to Pittsburgh. And in 1994, Pittsburgh commemorated his life by opening the Warhol. Warhol’s mission is to carry on Andy Warhol’s incredible legacy. It will act as a unique, energetic venue that your guests won’t forget.

The Warhol is in a historic building, which makes this space one with stories of many legacies.

The art museum offers a venue at its entrance. This space is perfect for both small and large gatherings. Add on a memorable in-studio experience provided by The Warhol to get into the atmosphere. Face and body painting is another way to invest in making the most of The Warhol. Add a layer of self-expression to your party with Andy Warhol-themed body/face painting.

Check out The Warhol’s museum rental inquiry form on their website to book now.

Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh Body and Face Painting

3.) Pittsburgh Sports Fan’s Place to Party!

If you’re looking for a party place to catch the game, North Shore Tavern is the venue for you. North Shore Tavern is as ingrained in Pittsburgh’s history as a sports pub with great food and drinks, built by a local family and only a short walk to any of our stadiums! Party hard and catch the game in a place perfect for black and gold fans and friends! 

If you’re looking for extra fun, go with a casino-themed party. You can find excellent Pittsburgh casino party options that will rent out games. Use these play-for-fun games to feel like a high roller without any high stakes. Having a casino party will up your guests’ fun and put a boost of excitement into an already energetic space.

Contact North Shore Tavern at their phone number on their website to learn more.

4.) Find Your Wild Side With A Party in the Pittsburgh Zoo

The Pittsburgh Zoo opened its doors in 1898. It’s one of the largest zoo and aquarium combinations in the United States. The Pittsburgh Zoo is also available to rent out for your next celebration.

It’s time for your guests to take in the natural world and become party animals. The Pittsburgh Zoo has many event options for you!  It offers experiences where you and your guests will be able to take a private tour of parts of the zoo. A chef will prepare great food to match your fun safari experience.

One of the rooms you can rent for the most fun is the Water’s Edge. This space includes an underwater polar bear tunnel. Hiring a DJ for your under-the-sea event will only enhance the party spirit.

The Water’s Edge sits up to 140 people. If you’re looking for a spot that can seat up to 500 people in the zoo, the Garden Tent is for you. The Garden Tent is a star-studded experience that will keep your party lively.

Do you want to add extra fun to your zoo party? Try a green screen photo booth. Your guests will be able to have an enhanced photo experience. Explore the Pittsburgh Zoo’s plan an event section on their website. There, you’ll be able to look at all their rental packages. To start the process of creating some wild party times, email or call their rental team.

Pittsburgh Zoo Green Screen Photo Booth
Pittsburgh Zoo Green Screen Photo Booth

5.) Savvy Smart Place to Party in Pittsburgh

Do you want your guests to find their party wonder? Then the Carnegie Science Center is the party destination for your celebration.

The Carnegie Science Center is the result of two of Pittsburgh’s greatest visionaries. Andrew Carnegie created The Carnegie Institute. A well-known industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, wanted to give back to Pittsburgh. Henry Buhl Junior created the Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science. Henry Buhl Junior built the Buhl to better Pittsburgh’s public education. Sharing a common goal, two institutions came together. And in 1991, the Carnegie Science Center opened up for a new generation of explorers.

This center will keep you and your guests exploring new epic ways to party. If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world celebration, try the Buhl Planetarium room. Booking this room will give you, and your guests access to the Buhl Planetarium. Your party will be exploring the final frontier. This rental comes with access to the 2nd Floor Exhibit Areas. You and your guests will be able to tour the robotics and Miniature Railroad and Village. The Buhl Planetarium sits up to 146 guests.

Check out the Body Works and H20h; these two exhibits offer more opportunities for intimate, interactive fun. This venue is perfect for a bit of magic; add the wow factor by hiring a magician! 

Find more venue rental information on their website at their Private Rental page. 

6.) Carnegie Museums is Authentic Pittsburgh

The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History offers a truly unique and elegant variety of event spaces to host a party in Pittsburgh!

They offer over ten event spaces to rent out, ranging from small contemporary sophistication to large jaw-dropping elegance!

The Carnegie Music Hall Foyer is the perfect space to host an old Hollywood red carpet event! This space’s baroque decor is sure to transport your guests back in time and create a wonderfully wild atmosphere!

With spaces like the Hall of North American Wildlife, Hall of Architecture, and the Grand Staircase Mezzanine, your guests are sure to be in awe. Imagine walking down the grand staircase or being able to chat with a close friend in front of a pair of jaguars!

If you’re planning a wedding, they also offer comprehensive catering packages that will leave your guests full and happy!

Click here to view booking information and available event spaces to plan your perfect party now!

Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh
Carnegie Music Hall Photo Booth

7.) The Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens

One of the best things about Pittsburgh is the lush, beautiful gardens in the spring and throughout the summer. Nestled on a hilltop west of Pittsburgh is the Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens, and it is such a zen place! 

Seasonal flowers and wildlife surround this newly renovated venue. Small and intimate, yet big enough for a medium to a large wedding. The space is romantic, charming, and perfect for an engagement party, wedding reception, corporate summer retreat, or family reunion. The outside stone fireplace keeps everyone toasty and cozy, even on a chilly fall night, and the 1870’s barn is fully enclosed and beautifully renovated to host a sophisticated, elegant corporate event. 

The venue offers excellent choices in catering, and we’ve hosted both DJ services and photo booths there quite a few unforgettable times. Every one memorable. Learn more about the Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens, visit their website, or take a walk and relax! 


Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens

8.) The Pennsylvanian is Prohibition Perfect

Nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh is a venue that feels timeless nearly a century after its construction in 1904. It fully encompasses the grandiosity that one would expect to find at the height of the roaring ’20s. 

Learning a few facts about the venue itself to share with guests is an engaging form of entertainment. The history of the Pennsylvanian would compliment any Great Gatsby theme. Up until the 1970s, the venue operated as the Union station in Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvanian, designed by one of the world’s most renowned architects, Daniel Burnham. Known as the “Father of the City Beautiful Movement,” he held the idea that beautifying a city’s appearances would enhance the lives of those living within it. The construction of the Pennsylvanian occurred at the height of railroad travel. Its elaborate design was to inspire and uplift the thousands who passed through, which it excels today. 

The Pennsylvanian preserves its original black and white marble floors. Long wooden waiting benches still line the main hall. Everywhere you look, there are archways with ornate stone embellishments and detailed murals. Its most striking feature has to the outdoor rotunda. The warm golden light and spiraling iron latticework at the top of the dome make for an enchanting entrance into the venue. One could expect Jay Gatsby to walk out of it and greet you himself. It makes it perfect for any 1920s themed party! 

The Pennsylvanian Speakeasy Party in Pittsburgh
The Pennsylvanian Speakeasy Photo Booth in Pittsburgh

Throw the Perfect Party in Pittsburgh

Follow our Pittsburgh party ideas to fall in love with a city you won’t be able to forget. Your once-in-a-lifetime Pittsburgh party is just waiting for you to plan it. If you’re looking for more venue options, read our 5-Favorite Event Spaces in Pittsburgh. 

If you can’t wait to party in Pittsburgh, check out our event specials. We’ll provide you with the venue and services you need to create your dream celebration.