The Perfect Black-Tie Gala

Even after five years with Elite Casino Events, I am still intoxicated by the energy at these events. I had the pleasure of helping The National Pancreas Foundation’s Courage for a Cure Gala. This black-tie fundraiser brought forward such success for the foundation to continue their work in research, advocacy, support, and education for those suffering pancreatic diseases.

The Elite Casino Events team strives to raise as much support for the charity we work with – Dawn always sets the goal high!! We have a variety of ways to meet those fundraiser goals. At the gala, we encouraged donations for casino chips.

This is one of my favorite aspects of my job with Elite Casino Events! We get to teach people all the casino games, without any risking of losing money and giving everyone the opportunity to donate to a great cause!

How the Casino Raises Money

First, everyone who enters the doors is given a specifically colored voucher worth a specified amount in complimentary casino chips. Guests then take that card to their first table to redeem their voucher for chips. All games are complimentary, and the vouchers can be used to play craps, blackjack, roulette or , Bond’s favoriteTexas Hold’em Poker.

Should a guest lose all their chips, they can choose to come back to an Elite team member for another gaming voucher.  When they do, we encourage and ask for a donation to be made, but never require it. ‘All gaming is complimentary, and no purchase is required to play’ So, regardless if a donation is made or not, we’re happy to give them vouchers to play more! Guests at the National Pancreas Foundation generously donated $1500, which was amazing! Learn more about how to host a casino night in PA, here.

The charity additionally raised money by permitting attendees and local businesses to sponsor a gaming table. This is a sample of a table sign created to be placed on a gaming table for this black tie fundraiser. 
Black Tie Fundraiser 2018

Black Tie & Bond is the perfect mix.

The gala was at The Fairmont in downtown Pittsburgh. They have a great layout, with a hallway perfect for guest check-in, side rooms for VIP guests, an atrium for a cocktail hour, and finally a grand ballroom large enough to fit your event needs.

The event had a grab bag wine table, where a donation would give you a random bottle of wine ranging in value.  The life of the party was during their cocktail hour! Tables of Craps, Blackjack, lighted up the night! A new easy game created by Dawn and Billy Takacs was  featured. This game, uniquely named – Yo! ®  guest enjoyed because it’s was super fun, and yet easy to play. Guests stayed and played all night like high-rollers, laughing and cheering throughout the night! This Bond inspired event created the perfect atmosphere for this black tie fundraiser. 

Black Tie Fundraiser Pittsburgh

The Mirror Photo Booth brings sophisticated elegance to this event.

A feature new to Elite Casino Events is the addition of EMME for ‘Elite’s Magical Mirror Experience.’  EMME is a full-sized mirror that snaps your picture! Unlike the traditional photo booths, you’re not in a little-enclosed space. Another awesome feature is you can see yourself while taking your picture! Who doesn’t love that? Guests love the mirror, and the mirror photo booth inspires them to be creative. After they take their photo images, they can use the mirror’s touchscreen to sign, doodle, draw and add digital props too – just like snapchat! Everything they create is then added to their image, which is delivered to them via text, email or a printed photo – whichever they choose! 

My team mate, Veronica loves helping guests get dressed up and pose! She has even worn a Superwoman costume to an event, and she really knows how to light up a night! It’s fun to work with someone as passionate about helping people celebrate life, all while contributing to a great cause – it doesn’t get any better than that! We love everything we do for Elite Casino Events, and getting dressed in our favorite LBD and to-die for heels is the extra bonus! 

Crystal and Veronica at Black Tie Fundraiser in Pittsburgh
This night was a great success for The Pancreas Foundation. We can’t wait to work with you at your next fundraiser!

– Crystal – Brand Ambassador & Blogger for Elite!