This game is a sure bet.

Craps is by far the most exciting and intimidating game to play in the entire casino. It builds camaraderie, unlike any other game. The joy is that you can be standing next to a stranger, and after a while of play, you realize you’ve acquired a new friend. This great game brings people together naturally, making it a perfect choice for any corporate or holiday casino night party.

It’s an easy game.

My craps instructor and mentor, Johnny Petrovich (or JP as we nicknamed him), defined the game simply on Day One of craps class. He said to the class – “It’s an easy game; just remember this game is about two numbers and only two numbers, the winner and the loser and everything else is non-essential.”

Today, we open our craps tutorials at every casino night party with JP’s opening declaration to our guests. That statement (just like it did for JP’s students) takes away the intimidation factor and opens everyone’s mind to the opportunity of learning craps, also known as ‘The King of Games.’

Everyone loves winning! 

JP shared his first experience with our craps class by telling us this story. He said he found his destiny when he walked into a Vegas casino as a young man for the first time and suddenly heard the roar coming from the casino table games. He said he walked over and saw a table of highly enthusiastic people cheering, laughing, and rejoicing as the dealer announced, ‘Winner 10 – HARD 10 – Front Line Winner!’

JP said he thought to himself as he observed the elated crowd – I didn’t know anything about that game then; what I did know was this – I wanted to be a part of it. That’s precisely why a craps game is essential for any casino night party; people want to be a part of it.’



Craps builds camaraderie

Craps, for me, is like a roller-coaster ride – with tight, sharp turns, slow, anxious hill climbs with exhilarating downhill thrusts, and all of that at a swift pace! It can be challenging during some of those turns, hills, and tight corners, but there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction and a heightened sense of joy at the end of the ride.

The ride makes me want to get off when the car stops, exit, and run to get back in line to do it all over again! Craps (whether playing or dealing) is all about the rush – it’s the rush of winning, and it’s comparable to the adrenaline that starts pumping when our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are about to make a touchdown during any playoff game! It’s that goal-line victory that makes strangers instantly rejoice together!

That’s the complete and utter joy of craps — it’s the excitement of sharing a winning experience – together! It takes everyone on an exhilarating and fun-filled roller-coaster ride while building camaraderie, and that’s why craps is such an excellent choice for any casino night event.

Craps keeps people on the 'edge of excitement!'

Always expect a concierge-level of service.

Some casino night party companies think it’s acceptable to have one dealer to service a craps game with twelve or more guests; professionally, I think that’s poor guest service. No one dealer (adequately trained or not) can service twelve players, maintain the game’s fast pace, educate new players, and deal properly. 

The truth is this – you’ll end up getting someone trying to simulate a craps game. They definitely can’t teach anyone anything; they won’t have time to do that. The craps dealer ends up playing the player’s chips for them without fully explaining the vast and intricate elements of the game. The players never really understand what’s happening or why they won or lost either?

What should be a fun-filled educational experience becomes overwhelmingly confusing. Also, the veteran craps player who knows the game well will become frustrated with the game’s poor pace and delays because of an improper crew. This fantastic game is supposed to have a ‘concierge-level of service’ with a team of dealers efficiently and elegantly handling everything for you – it takes more than one dealer to do that properly.

Tammy, delivering a concierge level of service to her guests.

Craps action

If you choose a craps game for your casino event (and you most definitely should), make sure to ask your casino party vendor ‘will you be putting a proper crew on the craps game or just one solo-dealer?’ The answer is highly relevant to your guest experience. And a casino night party should always be about ‘guest experience!’

Just as JP said on Day One of class – ‘I wanted to be a part of it!’ Make sure your guests are a part of the action and not excluded from it. Be sure to ask to have a ‘proper crew’ on your craps game and at your corporate or holiday casino party so that…Everybody Wins!

Dawn Takacs AKA D.T.