Make your 90s party da bomb!

90s party will bring fun and nostalgia to all of your guests. Our event planners have eight fun and easy ideas to help make your event fly! With the 90s gaining more popularity, your event will be a hit with everyone! If you’re looking for something fun and nostalgic, consider these tips and ideas for a fun 90s party!

The decade the selfie was born.

A photo booth is always a great way for guests to have fun and provide them with memories and pictures they can keep forever! For our 90s party, we made sure our frames reflected the 90s era perfectly. Our frames centered around PacMan, AOL, Friends, and Windows 98!

90s Friends photo booth frame
90s Windows 98 photo booth frame

Aside from fun photo booth frames, you can consider implementing a green screen! The green screen feature will transport your guests in front of anything you can think up! We chose a few famous 90s cartoons, pop culture icons, and artwork from the 90s.

90s Cartoon green screen photo booth
90s Pop culture green screen photo booth
90s Artwork green screen photo booth

To round out your photo booth experience, I recommend implementing props to embrace your theme! We bought some blow-up 90s cell phones and boom boxes, 90s-themed stick props, and a bucket of neon butterfly clips for everyone!

Time capture

A photographer is always a good idea for any event that you may host. Good photographer’s will be able to capture all those wonderful candids’ during the party! Be sure to hire a photographer who is able to do candids, shoot and upload images without any post-editing requirements. This way you know you’ve hired a good photographer for event photography. Recently, we worked with Trevor for our 90s party, and his cinematic photograhy skills were on point! 

CMU 90s party

90s Party time to look fly

The 90s were a time for over-the-top and sometimes ridiculous fashion. Encourage your guests to dress like the 90s! Some of my all-time favorite fashion pieces include color-blocked windbreakers and sweaters, jnco jeans, swishy pants, and platform sneakers. Or you could keep it subtle with a spaghetti strap tank top and shorts!

Don’t forget to accessorize or including some in neon colors! Don your fanny packs, scrunchies, slap bracelets, and chain wallets to complete the 90s look!

90s Windbreakers
90s style

The perfect 90s party hair

Guest can go wild with their hair to complete their 90s look! A few of the most popular hairstyles were space buns, frosted tips, and blowouts. Or accessorize your hair with the ever-popular butterfly clip; you will look fabulous, whether it’s one butterfly or a bunch!

90s Flashback

Music is a big part of any decade. Bringing in a live band can add something extra exciting for guests! Find a band specializing in 90s genre music or covers. We got to work with My So-Called 90s Band, which offers a unique 2-man acoustic set. The highlight for guests was that they took requests by text message, and you cannot get any more 90s than that! 

90s Dance, wave, jump repeat

Hiring a DJ for your party is also another great option! DJs can make up playlists that can genuinely encompass every genre of the decade and give you a great variety of music for your guests! DJ Cake is the best, and she ‘ROCKED THAT PARTY‘ with everybody’s favorite 90s theme songs and music! Check out more about DJ Cake on her Instagram and see why she is our go-to DJ here.

DJ Cake 90s style

Color me 90s

Another fun activity for guests can be painting their faces with little butterflies, rainbows, or flowers! Wildchild Makeup brought a complete kit, including neon glow-in-the-dark paint that was perfect for a 90s-themed party! Everyone at this 90s party was looking fly! 

Wild Child Fabrications face paint
90s party face paint

90s Party fun & games

It’s essential to add interactive fun to go side by side with the dancing and photo booth fun! You can add some 90s game trivia or live game shows like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire? or a lighthearted version of ‘Fear Factor!’

Consider the fun, excitement, and decor of LED-lit casino games with professional dealers! Elite Casino Events offers this service, and you can light up your night in neon colors and gambling fun! 

Decade parties are always fun and can get guests to let loose! We’ve had many decade-themed parties, from the 20s to the 80s. The 90s was new for us, and it was a blast! We went all out in decor and entertainment, and the guests had so much fun. Consider hosting a 90s party for your next event – so that everybody wins!