A Casino Night is Fun! 

What is a casino night? It may seem a silly question, but people ask us all the time! My answer is always the same; it’s a fun night out with casino games, great music, and other activities that fill the room with joy & laughter! Companies like ours bring a mobile casino to your event and set up table games such as craps, roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Most will include professional dealers to entertain your guests, offering an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn the hottest casino games! While the setting is authentic and replicates the casino vibe – the gaming at a casino night is for-fun-only, and that makes it so much better for you and your guests! It’s all about fun without the stress of losing real money!

Casino night party themes

Casino nights can be themed; the two most popular are James Bond and 1920s themes. We’ve done plenty of Viva Las Vegas-themed casino nights in Pittsburgh! The key to choosing the perfect theme is knowing your guests and choosing a casino night theme they’d be excited to join!

We have a few blogs that can help you narrow down the suitable party theme, but I think the first thing to ask is would your guests enjoy dressing in 1920s costume, prefer a more elegant black-tie event, or are relaxed and casual and want to come as is? Let that be your guide! 

Casino Night
Casino Night

Choose a theme! 

My favorite of all is a 1920s party theme, which has many different styles in itself! Choosing can be pretty tricky because there are so many variations of a 1920s party theme! But the one thing both 1920s and 007 parties have in common is that they both are intriguing and notorious! I love a James Bond Party!  I think everyone does; it’s just a matter of choosing to go classic 007 or with our newer beloved spy! You can also do a 007 party that highlights all of them! Although, for the record, Sean Connery will always be the best Bond ever! 

Vegas casino night

For a more casual event, family reunion, or small office party, consider a Viva Las Vegas night! It’s pretty simple to execute this theme; the party decor options are easy to find. You can easily add event entertainment for an authentic Vegas vibe or add a photo booth to put everyone on the Las Vegas Strip!  The best part for most is that it’s an easy ‘come as you are’ party without anyone needing to put effort into costumes or formal attire. People like that, and again they can find a little intrigue in the Vegas theme too! 

Casino nights for personal occasions

Casino nights can be an excellent choice for personal milestone events such as birthdays, family reunions, wedding receptions, anniversaries, bar mitzvah/bat mitzvahs, or house warming parties. We’ve seen everything you can imagine, from the Tommy Bahama-themed ‘Casino Bahama’ by the pool to ‘Rat Pack’ themed casino night, including live performances of casino impersonators.

The variations of a Vegas theme are endless, and there are so many ways to spin it with that Viva-Las-Vegas energy! Need help, no worries – we’ve got the event decor, games, entertainment, and decor that will jet-set your entire party to the Vegas strip! 

Casino Night
Casino Party Pittsburgh

Casino night for the corporate event

 Why do companies want to host a casino night? That, too, is an easy answer. We build camaraderie when we play together, whether it’s the sandbox as toddlers, the baseball field as teens, or as adults playing anything – even blackjack. When we play together, we strengthen our relationships and thus our brand, making any company stronger.

Corporate events in 2021 will be the staple of reconnecting our teams together after being virtual for over a year. We need these connections to bounce ideas, to navigate problems, to be inspired. If planning a corporate casino night, be sure to know what to ask for when shopping; read this blog.  If you plan on hosting one, contact us. We’d love to help you plan it! 

Casino nights for fundraisers

The very best part about what I do is that I get to make people smile for a living. The second best thing about what I do is that I get to help small and large charities meet or exceed their funding goals. A casino night fundraiser is complicated for most who are not sure of what they’re doing, but we’re the experts.

We’ve had hundreds of successful fundraisers through the years, working with some of the world’s best-known charities. We’re so blessed that we’ve had the opportunity to help them plan, host, and execute a casino night fundraiser that met or exceeded their expectations! If you’d like help with yours, we offer a free planning kit and some great tools to help you host a winning event! 

Casino Night Pittsburgh Fundraiser

Everyone loves a casino night!

A casino night brings all the excitement of the real casino to your party – without any of the stress. The odds are typically not in your favor to win in casinos, and the experience can be anything but fun. In comparison, the casino night is the exact opposite! It’s all about camaraderie and fun and spending quality time with your friends and family – that’s a win/win – so everybody wins! 

-Dawn Takacs (AKA) DT, Casino & entertainment professional 30+ years!