So the BIG day is near and you’ve begun to put a plan in place to surprise your loved one for their Milestone Birthday! They love to play casino games’ and so do you – that’s why you’ve decided upon a ‘casino themed birthday party!’

Here are some tips & tricks from the pros to make your birthday bash unforgettable! The first decision is to choose a theme for the event. Do you go with a classic casino night or a fun theme? There are great benefits to both, and it obviously it’s a matter of personal style. But nothing breaks the inhibitions of a crowd of people like a ‘Vintage Vegas themed event’ or a ‘Swinging Speakeasy’ and both are rather easy to plan.

To get started, search rental locations that might be appropriate for your theme. Older buildings make great venues for ‘Speakeasy parties’ and modern clubs and restaurants’ are perfect for a classic casino night. Be sure that there are no rental fees for the space when catering via the venue. If your are planning to cater from outside be sure to get your rental rate in writing with all the details the venue provides for you such as linens, cutlery, candles, cake cutting, coat checks or valet services, etc. Also ask if the space you’re renting is also a ‘common area’ or if it would be exclusive to you during the event? Many eclectic venues such as old buildings and bars will rent a space and still utilize the bar area for their normal business needs, so be sure to ask.

Classic casino night
Design on a dime – it’s pretty simple to decorate an event for a casino theme, be it vintage or classic. We recommend ‘Plume feathers & draping pearls’ for centerpieces for any swag theme event. Casino chips, cards and dice are a perfect touch to any hurricane candle setting should you go ‘classic theme.’ Both are inexpensive and easy to find on ebay, Esty or at a hobby shop! Be sure to ask the venue if they have vases, hurricanes or any other items that you could use to build your centerpieces. Most will and it will save you money! You can find plenty of inexpensive decorations online that will add just the right touch to your classic casino night!
classic casino night decor
Capturing the moment – hire a photographer. Everyone only turns 30-40-50 once! Be sure to make the investment of having one person to catch every precious moment of the birthday festivities! Most photographers’ book at an event rate and it normally includes hundreds of digital images that you can easily share with your guests. Consider that event day everything happens so quickly and the birthday boy or girl will be joyfully overwhelmed and those professional photos will become a treasured memory for them to enjoy for years after the event.
Casino Night Fun with the Las Vegas Photo Booth
Icing the cake – Whatever your theme is have your local bakery design a cake to highlight it! Most bakeries will deliver a tiered cake and set it up for you. It’s a great idea to add some classic casino night theme cookies and candies as decorations too. You can buy casino theme sweet treats online or make them, whatever you budget allows. I recommend starting with our Pinterest page for some easy and affordable ideas!
Classic casino night cake

Having a themed cocktail for your event adds to the ambiance. Maybe it’s the favorite drink of the guest of honor, which of course…you should name it after them! Or maybe it’s a drink inspired by the era or event theme, such as a ‘Big Winner’ or a ‘007-Cocktail.’ Have fun with it; make a sign to showcase it, have one ready for the birthday boy or girl upon arrival to toast the occasion!

Casino Night Birthday
Elite Casino Events proudly offers assistance with all the pre-party planning for your classic casino night, including venue location, music, photographers, themed cakes & treats, decorations and of course all your casino gaming needs. We believe that Milestone Birthday’s should be unforgettable! The Elite Team will partner with you and do everything they can to help you meet that goal so that… Everybody Wins!
The Team - Ready For A Casino Night Party!