Monte Carlo Casino Night – the magic begins….

It was a typical day at the office. Then suddenly, I got the call from a woman who told me she worked for a movie production company based out of Pittsburgh. She said her client, (who turned out to be director Antoine Fuqua of ˜Training Day’, was creating a Monte Carlo Casino Night scene for a major motion picture, ‘Southpaw’, for which he wanted only the very best authentic casino gaming tables in Pittsburgh.

Is this really happening?

They found our website, and after shopping the local market, and speaking with me, they quickly made the decision to hire us!


They knew our beautiful custom-designed casino gaming tables would be perfect for their Monte Carlo Casino Night scene where the main character Billy Hope, (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), hosts a fundraiser for ‘Children’s Clubs of America’ a charity true to his heart.

Yes, this is happening!

Here’s the new trailer to the movie ‘Southpaw’ with the ‘Monte Carlo Casino Night’ scene shown while Billy is speaking to the crowd. His wife Maureen, is played by the beautiful Rachael McAdams!

Our team was also recruited as casino dealers, attendees, security, news reporters, and extras for this scene and others. In the movie scene it shows, (me), the girl at the craps table patiently waiting while ‘Billy Hope’ gives his endorsement speech.

Entertainment is our specialty – glad to help!

We helped the movie by providing elegant, beautiful tables for their Monte Carlo Casino Night scene, and recruiting 30 of Pittsburgh’s finest entertainers to be extras in the movie! I had the privilege of introducing our favorite casino dealer Dana to 50 Cent, and he danced her around the floor like Cinderella. She was in awe, and giddy. That just made my day!

It’s on the down low – don’t tell!

Here’s a few images from the movie set. (Shhhh!) Because we’re not supposed to share these images as the movie is a big secret until it hits theaters next year. We plan on having our own red carpet premier party and we already have the red carpet in house! That works out so well for us, doesn’t it? We cannot wait to see the final cut of the movie when it hits theaters on 7/24!