Elite Poker Tournaments

The Corporate Poker Tournament

Let the games begin! Poker is the perfect way to create a fun and engaging event. Our experienced team brings all the key essentials you’ll need to host an authentic Texas Hold’em poker tournament. We can help your company host a professional style tournament of 30 to 200 participants. You simply tell us the when and where, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Poker Tournament Service Includes:

  • Handcrafted 8’ x 4’ oval poker tables that comfortably seat 10 players
  • Certified poker dealers
  • Casino quality cards, poker chips and equipment
  • Pre-event planning of your tournament structure & blinds
  • Digital tournament clock
  • Our team handles your registration & seating assignments
  • Pre-event announcements to explain the rules of play

Every event includes our tournament director who will keep the event flowing smoothly and on schedule. We bring tutorial cards, each includes a descriptive list of poker hands, (by ranking order), poker terms, as well as the basic rules of play. These tutorial cards will help any new player. Everyone is welcome to use them throughout tournament play. We also offer a live tutorial, hosted by our tournament director. The tutorial will teach new players the the basics of poker – just enough to get them started! Our team is happy to help educate your guests on the dynamics of the game. Our goal is to make your event authentic, and to ensure that everyone engages in the fun!

Dawn and her team transformed a hotel expo hall into a legit casino atmosphere! We had a 90-player poker tournament and 11 other table games; our 250 attendees had a blast! We also had her photographer with the photo booth and two show girls – attendees had fun with this – and her DJ did a great job too. We’d definitely do it again!
Heather Hitz

Event Planner and PR Specialist, Marketing Department , Ollie's Bargain Outlet

Plan a Poker Tournament An Add A Little Fun Competition To Your Corporate Event!
We've Got All The Right Equipment, Tables, Dealers and Knowledge Needed!
Any Poker Tournament Creates Engagement Between Guests
Our Texas Hold'em Poker Dealers Are Certified Professionals Who Can Teach As They Deal
Poker is the last of the ‘gentleman’s games.’ The game breaks all social barriers such as age, gender, race or professional status. It’s the only place I know where an 18-year old urban male and an 80-year old farmer – can and will find common ground. Poker simply brings people together.
Billy Takacs

Vice President, Elite Casino Events

Pick Your Game! Blackjack or Poker!

Why not shuffle it up? 

Want an event as unique as your company? No problem – we also offer blackjack tournaments! With a play strategy similar to a poker tournament; we can also organize a professional blackjack tournament for your guests. Our team of casino professionals have the knowledge and experience to successfully execute a blackjack tournament. It’s a sure bet – and it will keep your guests on the edge of their seats throughout play! It’s the perfect way to bring camaraderie to any event. Just like the poker tournament, our service includes everything needed to host an all-star blackjack tournament.

*Poker & Blackjack tournaments are not suitable for charitable events. All gaming must be complimentary, no purchase required to play. As always, all of our events are for entertainment purposes only. 

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