I want to Play More Yo!

When you grow up in Utah, gambling is prohibited, and there isn’t a Casino to be found in the entire state. Moving to Pittsburgh and spending time at the Rivers Casino was my first real introduction to the overwhelming array of choices to be found in one. My lack of experience kept me away from table games, so for the longest time, I preferred the simplicity of the penny slots. It took an approachable, non-intimidating table game for me to understand the enjoyment to be found at a live table. Yo! The Dice Game was just that. The perfect recipe of entertainment, ease of play, and approachability that I couldn’t wait to come back to.

Yo! – I feel lucky!

It’s easy to understand, but that doesn’t mean it lacks action and excitement. The self-service betting arc allows for continuous spontaneity. In the intermediate rolls, players can bet on the way the dice would roll next.  Every turn is a chance to gamble on what combinations of the dice are feeling lucky. 

Yo! – I got this!

Before trying ‘Play More Yo!’ I stuck to the digital blackjack tables. As a Casino novice, I felt a safe distance there. Behind a screen, I didn’t have to know the mechanics of playing on a live table. I didn’t have to embarrass myself in front of the other players as I added up my cards with a brain that’s never been quick to grasp numeric values. It was also the unwritten traditions that kept me away. The tapping of the table to signify a hit in Blackjack and the constant use of jargon in Craps would surely give away my status as an amateur.

Yo! -Simple-fast-fun!

Yo! offers a friendly environment for a beginner. The dealer simply pushes the dice cup in your direction, and it’s a go from there. With all things determined with a roll of the dice, the anxiety of the quick decision making was taken away.

If a game has too many rules, I’ll drift off in the middle of the directions, eyes glazing over as I wait for the action to start. To my surprise, it only took a few moments to understand how to play Yo! A numeric point is established with a roll of the dice.  You win when it hits again, and lose when 7 rolls.  In a few rounds, I was already a confident and competent player. In a few more, I was the one teaching others how to join in.

Lovely day for celebrating survivors!

Yo! – A social game

I loved the camaraderie I had with the other players during this time. When a player was doing well on the single roll bets, the others would decide to follow their intuition. There were multiple outcomes that we could all celebrate, like when an 11 was rolled on the Yo! Bonus dice. A massive cheer erupted from the crowd when an 11 rolled on both sets of dice, it meant we all just won big!

I left the table feeling exhilarated! Besides the ease of play and understanding of the game, I found the unforeseen bonus of newly acquired friendships. Who would’ve thought you could win money and make friends too? I can’t wait to Play More Yo! 

By Jessica Sandrock