We Know Fundraising Like We Know Blackjack.

At their core real-life casinos are fundraising operations in hyper-drive; continuously monitoring and adjusting conditions in order to optimize revenue. That’s why casino nights are so well-suited for any charity fundraiser. That’s also why hiring a team with 3o+ years experience in real-life casino, hospitality and event management is essential to the success of your charity event. We know how to maximize your fundraising opportunity.

We’ve been helping organizations like The American Cancer Society and Ronald McDonald House Charities conduct successful fundraisers for years, but our experience is just half the story. Our passion for community involvement is what defines and drives us to exceed our client’s goals and expectations. Our work on behalf of your fundraiser begins well before event day. We’ll meet with your team to discuss fundraising goals and our strategies to help you meet them. We’ll also make sure every aspect of your fundraiser is in compliance with the law – we know state gaming laws inside and out.

On event day we’ll have our on-site managers keeping a careful eye on every aspect of your event, so you can relax and spend time with VIP guests. The quote we provide you will be your final rate – there are no additional hidden or transportation fees to reconcile after the event. If you’re ready to start planning now, this blog has some great tips and it’s a good place to start – The Basics of Casino Night Fundraising.

5 Star Reviews “Dawn, Billy and the full Elite Casino Events Team was absolutely amazing.  They were nothing but professional throughout the entire event and helped us create a new, fun and different event in our community. I cannot say thank you enough for their kindness and generosity.” – Lyndsie McPadden, Community Manager American Cancer Society

5 Star Reviews“From our first contact regarding event opportunities through our actual event, Dawn, Billy and the staff were professional, supportive and down to earth. It was a pleasure to work with such fine people! The collaboration and support is unmatched. We will definitely use this company again for any and all like fundraisers. Elite Casino Events is like an old friend who, when they come to visit, it is a relaxing and enjoyable occasion.” – Audia Boyles, Executive Director Alice Paul House

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