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Your contact information is safe and secure with Elite Casino Events.  We will not share your information with others.
Non-Gaming Policy
Everyone in attendance is invited to play at our Monte Carlo Casino Night parties. We use only “funny-money” or “casino chips” and no real money is ever in play.  Our service is only for mock casino nights and no real casino gambling is ever involved. Elite Casino Events provides fun & exciting interactive entertainment that is intended for amusement purposes only.
Elite Casino Events founders have met with state authorities. We have valuable and important information all charities should know before hosting a charity event. Contact us to set up an appointment to review everything you need to know about hosting a Monte Carlo Casino Night for your charity.
Confirmed Events
No event is confirmed without a deposit and a signed contract. The client is responsible to provide Elite Casino Events with all of the information requested such as signors name/title, event performance times, event location and services requested. Client must then return a signed event contract, (by mail or email), to our office with the requested deposit to book our services. Our office will review, confirm, and countersign and return to you within 7 days. Our office will not hold any event date without a deposit. All written quotes are void after 60 days.
Event Deposits
No event is ever confirmed without a deposit and a signed contract by both parties. Any deposits for events in December are non-refundable. No refunds within 90 days of event day for any reason for events months January through November. Refunds of deposits before 90 days of the event day are acceptable, Elite Casino Events will charge a $250 cancellation fee.
Balance Payments
Payments are due in full on, or before event day, as stated in your event contract. Payments can be by credit card, cash, check or ACH wire.
Liability Insurance
Elite Casino Events is insured and bonded, so book us with confidence.  Some venues request specific riders; please allow (10) business days to process those riders once appropriate information is submitted.
Extreme Weather
In the event extreme weather would create any “State of Emergency” or “Hazardous Road Conditions” that would impair our staff or your guests to be able to safely make transport to your event; the event would be subject to cancellation. The lines of communications would open up between the signor and Elite Casino Events early that day to make a decision acting in the best interest of both parties and to find a reasonable solution. If that means the event needs to be rescheduled or cancelled (or delayed) deposits would then be forwarded to a new available event date. This would be considered an “Act of God” and any unused deposit may be forwarded to a new event date up until one year after the original event date. It is highly unlikely that this would occur, and this is only precautionary statement for events in winter months that are subject to extreme weather and hazardous conditions. Trust Elite Casino Events will make every effort to never cancel an event and will only do so if it would compromise the safety of your guests or our team.

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Please mail any payments to our office at:

  • Elite Casino Events, LLC
    One PPG Place, Floor 31
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Call 412-292-7638 should you need help or further explanation of our policies.

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